Monday, October 20, 2014

BIANNUAL BILINGUAL SUN FESTIVAL WARBUG WACKY BATTLE OF THINGS's not really a race, is more of  a Warbug War of Battles. Is it serious? Absolutely not. Will it be fun? Probably no. Can you come as a psycho killer bunny halloween avatar? Yes of course. Said that let me introduce you officially to the:

◆ Monday, 20 October 
1pm SLT -  Warbug Wacky Races!
Get your Warbug on, Fly the Sky of Selidor and survive the battle!
Prizes: Skin Voucher for best Score and Special Prize for best looking Racer (No look requirements & contest board votes) Warbugs provided locally or free to rezz your personal one. More Info about warbugs:

Where: Garden Roof, Sun Market Area hosts Departure platform

- Fly, avoid hitting people, no entrance and fighting in store or in market area.
- Two Matches, each 20 minutes, starting at the 1:30 and 2:10, at the end the scores will be prompted and higher will be rewarded with a voucher. Scores are calculated  on points per hit (yes you have to shoot at flying pengwings).
- Best Pilot award for contest board votes, entries open at 1, starts at 1:30.
- This is a non competitive madness, I still have no clue hwo the score keeper works, but am sure will work fine.

Hope to see you there, fellow pilots! I am currently quite sick due to a swimmer's ear, with flu and on antibiotics, so I might be fun to listen and more dumb than usual.
Swim the skies!
The Flying Pengwing

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