Thursday, October 23, 2014

Keeba, Tiny Maniacs and Sunglasses at night

 Thursday, 23 October ◆
3 - 4pm SLT - Live Music with Keeba & The Tiny Maniacs
Come enjoy the warm and powerful voice of Keeba Tammas and her tiny gang, another performance to not miss with a load of guaranteed swing and fun! Hear Keeba here:

Last night appeared a strange chair near the Fortune Teller, wonder what it does!

There are some rumours about two new contestants in the Fallen God and Goddess Election, their outrageous appearance is causing havock and unwanted pregnancy, you might go see what's happening!
We are halfway the voting week, so if you still didn't come to vote for the contest, come take a spot and see the wonderful creative souls that are participating and be sure to click on the special weirdos to get a gift !(Click on mine and Xavian's contest pic, see what you get ;))

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