Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Magic & Sorcery Tournament

◆ Wednesday, 22 October 
2.30 pm SLT -  Magic and Sorcery Tournament
Time to dust off your magic wands, huds and staffs: all are welcome, from beginner to master to join the Tournament that will be held in a sky desert arena! Or simply join us and watch the incredible performances of our Casters, the suspense is guaranteed.

◆ Tournament Rules & Prizes 

Game Master: 
Terry Delgado (iiTerry Resident)
(The Arcane Magic Games GM)

Contest Board open: 2.30 pm slt
Tournament Starts: 3 pm slt

Direct Location:
Sky desert Platform, observation stage
(Feel free to use the desert area to train today)

Allowed HUDs: Solarium, Scortcher HUD (from Legend), and Spell Fire HUDs/spells (details below) that work with the meter which are to ONLY be spell fire enabled.

The tournament style will be 1 vs 1. The systems will start from rounds 1 till the end with the last standing victor. Specifications, make sure you pick up your v1.5 unity meters to join the tournament. you will enter one at a time and duel another person in your round, If you lose the match you will be out of the competition and the winner moves on. No non-magical weapons. no inappropriate language,clothing,and lag items shall be acceptable at anytime. If you enter/disrupt a duel(that means healing a person, stepping into the battle zone, or causing an un-official interruption to the battle) while your not in it you will automatically be disqualified and/or ejected from the arena. Healing is not allowed to be used once the tournament has started. No resetting your meter during the tournament that will get you disqualified.. .All contests avatars should be of a normal standard humanoid shape so the target is nearly equal.Contestants my not sit or use a npv while battling. No flying/dashing is permitted for lag and fairness. All contestants will be put together to battle randomly.

Each duel will be 10 min at the max(unless stated otherwise) and the person with the lowest health will be the loser of the duel if you are not already unconscious. The fight will end on the first person unconscious state.

1st Place - 2 SKIN & 1 TATTOO Vouchers
1 HUD Voucher, Courtesy by Solarium
2nd Place - 1 SKIN Voucher
3rd Place - 1 TATTOO Voucher

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