Thursday, October 16, 2014

Festival of the Sun

Fallen Gods Inc 7th Anniversary Festival 
18 -26 October 2014
Official Schedule

 Saturday, 18 October ◆
6am SLT - SUN MARKET Opening
Welcome the 25 contributing Creators Selidor is honoured to host for the Festival, all kind of creativity is welcome at the market of the sun!
Participating: 22769, Ankle Biter, Arcanum, Astalianda, Boudoir, (*chanimations, Faida, Fallen Gods Inc., Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Frippery, Garden of Dreams, L'Uomo, :{MV}:, MacMoragh & Muse, Patron, RFyre, Roawenwood, Satyrs Moon, Solarium, Stuff Xavian Made, The Looking Glass, Tideborns, Totally Tinies, Yabusaka, Wasabi Pills.
1pm SLT - Fallen God and Goddess Election, Voting Opening

SUNday, 19 October
10am SLT - SUNSHINE Hunt Starts
Search for the sun rays absorbed through orbs scattered around the grid, visit the Festival's Market Stores and bring back the rays to Selidor to acquire more Sun goods!

Monday, 20 October
1pm SLT -  Warbug Wacky Races!
Get your Warbug on, Fly the Sky of Selidor and survive the battle!
Prizes: Skin Voucher for best Score and Special Prize for best looking Racer (No look requirements & contest board votes) Warbugs provided locally or free to rezz your personal one. More Info about warbugs:

Tuesday, 21 October
2 - 3pm SLT - Live Music with Phoenix
Come enjoy the amazing voice of Phoe and her piano, a performance to not miss in its depth and beauty. More about Phoe:

Wednesday, 22 October
2.30 pm SLT -  Magic and Sorcery Tournament
Time to dust off your magic wands, huds and staffs: all are welcome, from beginner to master to join the Tournament that will be held in a sky desert arena! Or simply join us and watch the incredible performances of our Casters, the suspense is guaranteed.
Game Master: Terry Delgado (The Arcane Magic Games GM)
Tournament Rules & Prizes: Available Inworld in Notecard format (Included in Schedule)

Thursday, 23 October
3 - 4pm SLT - Live Music with Keeba & The Tiny Maniacs
Come enjoy the warm and powerful voice of Keeba Tammas and her tiny gang, another performance to not miss with a load of guaranteed swing and fun! Hear Keeba here:

Friday, 24 October
2.30 pm SLT -  Melee Tournament
Just for one evening the Roof Garden will host a Colosseum for this slaughtering and chopping tournament. Bring out your Gladiator mood and join the Arena or come watch the spilled blood and drink a glass of wine in entertainment.
Marshall: Fenn MacMoragh
Tournament Rules & Prizes: Available Inworld in Notecard format (Included in Schedule)

Saturday, 25 October
11am SLT - 9.30pm SLT - "The 7 Deadly Sins" Anniversary Party
Join us for a marathon of music, themed contests, fallen fun and joy to spend time together, let's celebrate the sun and its shadows! 
Every DJ shift is themed with a sin and will hold a relative contest for best look, only requirement to participate is wearing a Fallen Gods Inc. skin and you can win a skin voucher for each round! 

Music and Theme Schedule:
11am - 12.30pm SLT - Superbia / Pride
DJ David Abbott 
12.30 -2pm SLT - Invidia / Envy
DJ Lainey Thorne 
2-3.30pm SLT - Avaritia / Greed
DJ Rykk Ferraris  
3.30-5pm SLT - Ira / Wrath
DJ Hazard Fizzle 
5-6.30pm SLT - Gula / Gluttony
DJ Ainemari Flanagan
6.30 -8pm SLT - Luxuria / Lust 
DJ Xavian Starsider 
8-9.30pm SLT - Acedia / Sloth
DJ Kirana Rawley

SUNday, 26 October
1pm SLT - Fallen God & Goddess Contest Election 
Voting ends and the winners are announced. The participation prizes will be sent to all the the participants. (Contest Submissions are open till Friday 17 October 2014, midnight SLT.)

Please keep an eye on the Official Group Notices and Blog, changes are always possible, and more in depth Informations will come on daily basis on current events!

Let me walk under your dancing feet, 
cause I am the mere musician, the stage creator and you, 
are the Sun.

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