Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunshine Hunt

And now that you met the magic maker that made this possible it's time to put your Hunting Boots on! Get your free Sunshine Hud at Selidor or check Notices, visit the 22 stores and find the Sun Orbs, let your Sun Shine and enjoy your Shinies!
Hope you enjoy, 
Alia & Friends

Get your Hud Anywhere at the Market Gazebos

(Or inside the Temple)
Hunt lasts till the 10th of November!

Scroll down for a series of Gift Previews, Instructions and SLurls in case you find yourself stuck.

A personal Note:
A huge thank you to all my dear Friends that willingly contributed to create something as Hunt prize, by saying it wasn't mandatory everybody anyway jumped in and wanted to gift something. A thank you to all the Friends that participate a the Market and host Sun Orbs, please enjoy their sims and lands, take time to see what the folks are up to: it's worth it!
A special thanks to Solarium and Encaitaron Korobase for scripting the whole thing and make it work, and last to Sonya that "scribbled" hints, made lists, tested the hud, provided pics, and overall Pepper Potted as usual my mess and made it for you understandable and playable.

Now that we are sailing with the wind and the Festival is running, I hope I'll find every day to thank you all, Friend Creators and Friends Fallens for being part of this event and make it alive.

Shine on!

More Gift Previews coming Soon! 
( A total of 16 Stores and Prizes)
(Please be patient as we add more previews on this post tonight)

Thank you for playing the Sunshine Hunt!

1. Get your free HUD at:
2. Wear the HUD.
3. It will prompt you to the next location with a map and hint.
4. Teleport to the location and find the sun orb.
5. Back to point 3 untill all the sun shines and you can go get your shinies back in the Selidor sky!

- There are no prizes in the sun orbs themselves, you will get the shinies in the end after you have found all the sun orbs and your sun HUD's rays have been restored. The last teleport will bring you to the Prize Room to collect your shinies.

- If you crash or log out in between, simply press the Clue on the HUD to get the teleport prompt to the next location.

- If SL glitches and drops you in the wrong area in the right sim, either try again from another sim with the Clue button, or use one of the landmarks below: these are the locations you should land on to begin your search for sunshine!


Ankle Biter





Fantavatar & Moonstruck


Garden of Dreams


MacMoragh & Muse





Satyrs Moon


Stuff Xavian Made

The Looking Glass

Totally Tinies


Wasabi Pills.


Reb said...

Oh I can't wait to hunt for those shines :) Congratulations Alia and a very big thank you hug for your generosity and love of life :) Thank you and humungous hugs to all the gifted and generous creators who contributed in any way to make this an awesome time for us. <3 Rebs

Alia Baroque (Old) said...

Thank you so much Reb! Hope to see you at the festival events and party *smiles