Friday, October 10, 2014


Will you bring the Sun in this month of Darkness or will you cast the sharpest shadow?

The Lucky Fortune Teller is back, celebrating the sparkling beginnings of the 7th Anniversary.
This year we will see 10 days of: amazing creativity by my fellow creators hosted just for the occasion on Selidor, a Sunshine Hunt, Magic & Melee Tournaments, Live Music, Sky Races, God & Goddess Contest ... and of course the final, infamous, Anniversary Party that this year will theme over (what else?) the 7 Deadly sins. I hope you enjoy this slow start up and keep an eye on notices and the blog, I assure you....more sun is on the way.

◆ How to play?
Find a 100% match and win your birth by Sun. Just sit with another person on the chairs and wait for your fortune to be told, good luck!

◆ SLurl

    Fallen Gods Inc 7th Anniversary Festival
            18 -26 October 2014
              Official Schedule

◆ 18 October ◆
- 6am SLT - SUN MARKET Opening
Visit the Roof Gardens and enjoy the creativity of the friends I am lucky to call so. All kind of creativity is welcome at the market of the sun, more than 20 contributing creators Selidor is honoured to host for the Festival.

- 6am SLT - SUNSHINE Hunt Stars
Search for the sun rays absorbed trough orbs scattered around the grid, visit the worlds and bring back the rays to Selidor to aquire more Sun goods.

- 1pm SLT - Fallen God and Goddess Election, Voting Opening

◆ 19 October - 24 October ◆
Magic & Melee Tournaments, Live Music, Sky race
Final Schedule to be confirmed soon

◆ 25 October ◆
"The 7 Deadly Sins"
7th Anniversary Party
11 am slt - 9.30 pm slt

11 - 12.30 - Superbia / Pride
DJ David Abbott
12.30 -2 - Invidia / Envy
 DJ Lainey Thorne
2-3.30 - Avaritia / Greed
DJ Rykk Ferraris
3.30-5 - Ira / Wrath
DJ Hazard Fizzle
5-6.30 - Gula / Gluttony
DJ Ainemari Flanagan
6.30 -8 - Luxuria / Lust
DJ Xavian Starsider
8-9.30 - Acedia / Sloth
DJ Kirana Rawley

◆ 26 October ◆
- 1 pm slt - Fallen God & Goddess Contest Election
Voting End and prizes to all the participants of the Contest and Winners.
Contest Submissions open till Friday 17 October 2014, midnight slt.

Schedule open to changes, please check Official Group and Blog for updates!

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