A Libertine Christmas

Dear Libertine and Patron,
Thank you for your interest in the Decoratable Tree and its collection. On this page you'll find all the info and help needed to decorate your own tree and make yourself a very libertine Christmas. With my Best Wishes, 

- For how to decorate tree, Update Notes & Help scroll below the previews
- Visit Libertine's Showroom for more seasonal decor and furniture
- Page last updated on December 23, 2022.
- Tree Current Version 4.3 - Update issued December 2023
- IMPORTANT issue/bug known on 4.3, please scroll down for information

Decoratable Tree Guides, Keys and collectables
Base Decoratable Tree, regular sale

Interactive sets in Miepon Machines

Decor only, not interactive, set in Miepon Machine (previously in collections)

Gift Interactive Ornaments during Yule Season

Additional Ornaments and customization, regular sale

TRANSITION FROM GACHA SETS: Scroll below for more informations
COMPATIBILITY: The tree is enabled to work with both 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2022 Ornaments
UPDATES: If an update is issued and you rez a new tree be sure to undecorate your old tree so your ornaments are returned to your inventory.

During the work in progress and testing of the new update after the 3.0 version we encountered a bug/issue that happens when many ornaments are used on the tree, it is due to the quantity of information communicated to the tree and it happens when a tree is updated/decorated with at least over 100 elements, that would represent decorating the Tree with almost 3 complete sets of Interactive pieces for each ornament.
The majority of decorators will never encounter this issue, but if you own the Tree for many years and each year update the Tree with new decor instead of decorating from scratch you may encounter the following error:
Script run-time error / Stack-Heap Collision

While we tried to solve the issue as best we can for this Holiday Season we didn't manage to completely get rid of the problem and we hope we will find a solution for 2023, meanwhile we advice the following to avoid this problem or fix it:
- Try to decorate the Tree from scratch, if using a past year decorated piece do only one additional complete makeover
- If the script error happens the Tree will lock itself and scripts will not work, take the tree in your inventory and rez it again, use this opportunity to use the menu to return your transfer items (undecorate), the tree will encounter an error probably soon again if trying to keep decorating.
- If it's impossible to use the script to undecorate and return your transfer items, use SL edit mode with the option edit linked parts, select the foliage and extract the contents.

We are truly sorry about the issue and doing our best to solve it for the next time we'll be celebrating Yule and Christmas. If you need additional help and information never hesitate to contact us.


The new tree has additional options to hide popcorn strings and base, has new 2022 ornaments and Study of the virgin enabled. Is less stabile for decorating with 90+ ornaments (which cover twice the amount of possible ones) and might cause a script error if going over that amount.

Stabile and reliable, does not include new options and 2022 new ornaments.

Interactive elements and packaging are also meant as decor items, they are non scripted and can be rezzed inworld as decor.

◆ Libertine Christmas Tree Instructions ◆
NOTE: Only ornaments that have [Interactive] will work with the scripted system. The rest can be used for holiday decor wherever you like.

After you have rezzed your Libertine Christmas Tree, please use the following steps to decorate. 

1) Click on the Libertine Christmas Tree
2) Select 'Decorate'
3) While holding down the CTRL key, drag an [Interactive] ornament from your inventory onto the tree. When the tree is outlined in red, release your mouse button.

BALL ORNAMENTS - If the ornament you placed was a ball ornament, you can now click on the highlighted ornaments to specify where you would like the ornament to appear. You may place as many copies as you desire. Clicking one ornament will change a pair of ornaments. There are 35 pairs of ornaments.

CANDLES - The first time you add candles to the Libertine Christmas Tree, matching candles will appear all over the tree. If you later add a second set, you can change some of the candles in the same way as BALL ORNAMENTS above. Clicking one candle will change a group of candles. There are four groups.

TOPPERS - The first time you add a topper to the tree, it will appear automatically. If you later add another topper, it will replace the first and the first topper will be returned to you.

MUSICAL TOPPERS - If you have a musical topper, your tree will begin to loop music.  A "Volume" button will be added to the menu to adjust loudness or disable the music entirely. 

MESSAGES - These decorative paper messages work similar to ball ornaments, but once placed, anyone can click on them (when not in decorating mode) to read an inspirational quote. If you are the owner of the tree, you may replace each message paper with your own custom quotes for others to read!

STAR LIGHTS - Bring your tree to life with the Star Light decoration. Once applied, your tree will be decorated with golden stars, and the strings of lights will animate in a soothing pattern.

FOLIAGE - Change the whole feel of the Tree with new foliage colors! Sets are all copy so cannot be passed to other avatars but can be applied to as many trees as you like, sets also include bonus Wreaths and decor items.

4) When you are done, click on the base of the tree to turn off the highlighting, or wait for the timer to run out.

Decorate - See "Decorating The Tree"
Undecorate - Return all no-copy ornaments to you and reset the tree.
Adjust - Allows you to cycle through ornaments you have already placed by clicking on ball ornaments and candles.
Resize - Gives options to resize the tree, making it larger or smaller. Note: Land Impact will increase as the size of the tree increases.
NEW Hide/Show popcorn - Toggles visibility of popcorn strings
NEW Hide/Show base - Toggles visibility of tree base support
Volume - Set the music volume anywhere from 1-10 or "Off" (Only visible when a musical topper is attached)
Lights:Anim - Set the strings of lights into animated mode (Only visible when star light is added)
Lights:Static - Stop the strings of lights from animating (Only visible when star light is added)
Rewrite - Shown to owner only when a message paper is touched. Use this option to replace the default quote with one of your own that others can see by touching. Please note a version 2.4 compliant viewer is required to rewrite quotes.

◆ Frequently asked questions ◆
1) The tree rejects my ornament, why? -- Does the ornament have INTERACTIVE tag in it? If not, it cannot be placed in the tree, it's a rezable decoration.

2) The tree rejects my interactive ornaments, why? -- SL can glitch. Rez a fresh copy of the tree from the box, and test with that. If it works, undecorate your old tree to get your ornaments back and use the new tree.


Since August 2021, Gachas are prohibited in Second Life by following LL regulations. The 3 Gachas are transformed into 4 collections where Rares will be sold on side as copy and retired from the sets. The 3 Collections will be currently available in sequential purchase Machine systems where you can see only the first items of a collection, similar to a gacha but with the awareness of what is the item you are paying for.
The First 3 Collection will include the past years sets, excluding rares, while the bonus 4th will include all the ornaments that do not have the interactive function.

The choice to not make full packs from the previous gachas comes with the intention of giving the chance to decorate your tree with as little multiples of 30L, maintaining a lower price for the experience and chance to use items as gifts. 
Retiring Rares is a choice I made to avoid the hunt for profit and specials and giving those creations a new life on side as copy items, though with a relative higher price to keep them special and collectors respected.

Scripting by Xavian Starsider
Concept, Design and execution by Alia Baroque
Non exclusive quality mesh templates used for the set.
Exclusive quality custom made texturing and concept.

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