Arcipelagus Guide

Dear Visitor, Welcome.

Enjoy the Summer evening breeze, the rich Forest's scent, the powerful or quiet Sea and all the imagination and comfort it can bring to your eyes and peace to your senses.
Take a walk, listen to music or to the Sounds of nature and environment, play with time and sky environmental settings to discover which atmosphere fits you most.
Hidden Treasures and secrets may be found too...
I hope truly you enjoy your stay,
Wishing the Time flows slow for you,
Alia Baroque

The Arcipelagus includes....

Arcipelagus Senior Island, The Home of Fallen Gods Inc. and Lost Town, but not only...

Home of the Mage School of Roke and Library of the Occult, but not only....

A far outpost, an eye on the sea and elements before they touch the main islands.

Home of the Flowing Monastery, Gate Tower and Veniversum.

- The Arcipelagus is a place for all. Tollerance and respect are
the only things needed to be welcomed, always and however
you are or want to be, and those two qualities embrace a lot
of simple ways of relating to others and to the place itself.

-  Please respect the privacy of people that might take an embrace
on the shore, don't shout or grief in a way you already know is not acceptable in SL.

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