Fallen Gods Inc. 15th Anniversary

Join us for a month long Celebration including parties, live shows, performances, contests, chance games where you can win a complete avatar, gifts, a market featuring dozens of outstanding SL creators and a gridwide stamp hunt with rich prizes! 
Fallen Gods Inc. 15th Anniversary runs through the whole month of October with a busy schedule and we hope you can join us to celebrate together friendship, community and imagination. I see you on the Islands, 

This is the main reference page for the Anniversary Festival with a collection of links to all activities during the celebration, a handy schedule and all pieces of information in one place. Check back to see what's new with the individual links to each event.

Festival Schedule
(detailed Schedule Below)

All Events

Gloria Grid-wide Hunt
(Starts October 7th)

Festival Market

Fallen God & Goddess Contest 2022

Seeker of Memories Hunt

15th Anniversary Party
Saturday, 15 October, 11am-11pm slt
The infamous yearly 12hour long Party with themed shifts, prizes and excellent DJs.
Link to the Information Page

The Night Theater presents...
Friday, 21 October - 11am slt
Saturday, 29 October - 11am slt
An evening with the magic of Theatre and a special show just for the Anniversary Festival.

Sunday October 23th
It's Noobcon, what do you expect...
12-1pm slt - Live Concert: Keeba and the Tiny Maniacs
1-5pm slt - Party & Burning Noob

Halloween at the temple
Monday October 24th
Halloween comes to the Temple with games and goodies

Fireworks & Bay tubin'
Saturday November 5th
Fireworks, bay tubin' and music: 1pm slt
Join us for the after-festival chill zone

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