Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elementals Full Moon, April 20th, 1pm SLT

Delayed at 1pm, sorry!
I must admit I am grateful to nature to not allow full days of bright sun and warm wind, and let clouds cover the hills, mountains and sea, otherwise I would lock the computer and spend most of my time out there :)
There is a lot I am on lately, from new skins to a complete series of outfits and add-ons Elementals themed. I can anticipate there will be an event at the Temple soon celebrating the Elementals, and spring is the perfect moment for it. The full moon of April, Sunday the 20th, will be the first Day dedicated to them. The Event itself would be a meeting for all who enjoy the Creatures of Ancient Runes, with the launch of new products and gifts for that day, in a mystical environment dedicated to fun and time spent together. I anticipate also that I will host the Event in male shape, so don't get shocked :P, together with Rouge, owner of Rebel Xtravaganza (see her clothes upstairs in the temple, and her sets of glowing eyes ^^). Here's a pick of the outfits in progress, and I sincerely hope for bad weather so I can finish all in time! Hope to see you there in your Ancient form, and not only ;)


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Skoge Kattun said...

David Bowie ..... The name alone makes one of his songs come alive in my mind. One of the musical heroes of my early youth and now he's back, in SL, at Fallen Gods (or is it Fallen Stars? [no pun intended]) A joy to remember Alia, thanks! =)