Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainy days stealing the sun.

And I hope just for a few days, because I am not yet ready to give up on summer. You might think I have to accept is september, but untill the water is less than 15° I will make as I am on the caribbean. Sea, coconut balls and sails. But when it rains, and when the sun hides (which lately is routine) I am up on a few big things. I can officially say right now that for the second anniversary of Fallen Gods am preparing something, and in addition the release of a brand new line of skins for those who unfortunately do not belong to clean blood...
Here's a small preview of the male, but is still a work in progress so I might change a lot of things as I did after the first preview of the elves last year. This also means that untill the anniversary comes I will be very busy working on all the new stuff and probably not really a social type, so an apologize in advance if you might think I am just a ghost constantly in busy mode.

And this for a special person good at waiting.
Be sure to clean yourself from melassa, honey and sugar after watching it.

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