Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank You.

As trees softly cover in a furious explosion of green and days till late grant you light; as the sea turns from blu to turquoise and birds sing as on cocaine, ideas flow.
Breathing that strong scent is vital, from fresh grass to salt, and occasionally the smell of My dog that just took a swim, leads Me on. The whole life stimulates you better than anything else you can imagine, there's no human work, for how much delightful, high and incredible that can ever compare Nature's chaotic perfection and beauty. So here I stand, or I may better say: sit, fighting the pulse to do more and more of those ideas obsessing Me and the sea reflects the shining sun calling Me out as a lustful Muse.... what to do?
Balance I guess. You cannot charge too much without melting, on the other hand you cannot use the whole energy without recharging. And yes, I am not very good at balancing. Will I resist to that Muse out of the window? I guess I am not will I resist then to that Muse IN the Window? ..No, that either. But I am grateful to all of this, or else I would die inside.
Thank you spring, for coming finally. Thank you Second Life for giving Me those amazing creative tools you offer and for making Me share. And thank You.

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