Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dear Friend,
You are kindly invited to celebrate the Third Anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc.
and the arrival of the Golden Year.
The happening will take place
16 October 2010, Saturday at 1pm Second Life Time (Pacific)
at the Temple:

During the Event:
Dances, snacks, snakes, irresistible Ladies and Gentlemen (You)... and also the traditional yearly chance to get most of retired group gifts of this year and all just during the event duration.

A formal attire is not required but, as every year, nudity and Borat swimsuits will be gladly welcomed, however...
... to enjoy the happening it's warmly suggested a low avatar rendering cost (or acceptable) and a good mood. This will bring Us mutual enjoyment of our meeting and celebration.

We will also proclaim the Winners by vote of the Fallen God and Goddes Election, and also the Special prizes for the same event that will include the categories: Race, Attitude, Art and Theme winners., all chosen by the incredible jury composed by Alia Baroque, Alia, Fallen Gods Inc. Owner and A. Baroque.

I truly hope You'll attend,
sincerely Yours,

Be sure to come this week and cast Your votes and proclaim by People call our 2010 God and Goddess.

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