Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Birth of a Vision

The Events that leaded me to Ancient Avaris were fortuite, strong and immediate.
Sometimes just a piece of unterraformed land with a river can make you feel at Home even if there are still thousands of prims to build.... but visions strike unexpected.
So it came that months ago a wonderful person named Jesika leaded me to the Nile, a communion of mutual ideas, visions, personal knowledge and lifestyle leaded us to join forces: Me, by my builder hand and her and the Setite Clan with the ability to make it live and pulse.
Buildining the Nile was a struggle, stealing time from other obligations I have in Second Life, but the patience of the Clan was infinite and they waited for Me to find time and continue completing the Vision. Now I can say that the most is done even if, by My eyes and opinion, still a lot is missing.
The Nile will keep getting built and enriched, the Nile will keep evolving, but by now I can welcome you to our Vision of an Eclectic greco-roman decaying Ancient Egypt period encountering Vampire the Masquerade... where sand speaks, bugs caress and the flowing of the Nile is life, as the flowing of blood for the Setite Clan,
Have a wonderful stay,

Alia Baroque

SLURL to Ancient Avaris, The Nile

Grand Opening: February 19, 3pm SLT.

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