Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mysts Epilogue

Cancer waits patiently. Its essence is dormient for ages waiting for the right blood to insinuate its evil. But though seemingly small acts, we can make a difference. Our patient research. The unity of all our efforts. Our hope. These are the elements that can help our world to rid itself of this evil and realize a New Era without Cancer.

This story is real, a story of people who suffer, a story of people who struggle for a cure, and still the ending is not clear. If you wish THIS story to have a good ending. If you do NOT like the story we are living right now, then help us create a better one. Donate to the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. Each and every single Linden has the chance to change the story, to rewrite our World. A World without Cancer.

(All the chapters of the story are still alive and playable one by one, come take the copy of the complete book at Enchanted Mysts and follow quests by chapter)

And another beautiful clip made by Rociel Fenua to keep as memory.

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