Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Break & Invocations

Dear Fallen,
I thought it’s nice if I write a few words to let you know how things proceed under many fronts.

The Temple rebuild is going slow but well, am enjoying a lot the rework and taking time to plan under many aspects so for a few years, hopefully, it will be able to host more releases without encountering a panel cluster. Am trying to simplify and enchance the shopping experience with a simpler layout, by also not taking anything from Selidor’s Temple and nature as part of the enjoyment, same as for its details and secrets. I also wish you to know that the bay and sides of Selidor are still the same and accessible without the risk of falling prims on your head, even if Selidor as sim has a fixed teleporting route, you can access it by walking in from Athan, I just ask you to avoid the Temple area while I build so things can proceed without too many distractions.

On the creations front am taking a so called sabbatic month, working on many things when I feel the vibe and letting ideas flow without any rush or usual personal pressure to complete in a fashionable time, reason why for a while I might not participate in Hunts so all My ideas can flow freely with no time or theme constraint. There’s also a very big possibility that by the end of summer I might finally choose to sell builds and furniture, though not the ones that are present on the Islands but others projects I keep in My pocket still. Another news is that I am torturing sculpted prims lately and preparing for the mesh hit.

What should you see at Fallen Gods soon then?
Finally improved accessories as new sculpted ears, male genitalia and some other mistery ones, will hit the store with a new brand hud for easy texturizing with all skin lines, still in progress but soon, hopefully, to be done. Lately am also enjoying the fun over face makeups, I already started a few that need refinement, but they will come all slowly out during may as a bigger full body tattoo that is just an idea for now and long time to see done. Skins? Well… I admit after faes I felt to go more evil, as a basic need: expect something scary, truly dangerous and with a damn bad temp.

And as last line, I like to repeat Myself but do not care:
Thanks to all of you for supporting My creations, feel at home as always on the Islands and a warm Welcome to all the New Fallens,
Alia Baroque

Some New Releases:

Also do not miss the Madpea Dark Room Hunt, to get are the Spirit Within Sparkles tattoo, and if you complete the whole Hunt a set of Presence Skins:

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