Saturday, July 23, 2011

The return of the Temple

Dear Fallens,
Finally after months of sky life our Temple is back.
Feel at Home,

Celebration Facts
Fortune Teller: Aureum Skins and Outfits available at the fortune Teller from 23 July to 31 August 2011, check a preview here:
New discounted products: as an apology to previous customers of packs or singles.
(Check a small turquoise triangle over products, it indicates it's discounted.)
Discounts last till 31 August 2011

- I added some new makeup editions for clowns, arboreals, elves;
- fixed male dust elementals (red and blue goatee now have runes;
- new packs are available on brand new skin panels.
- Pixies price dropped to 1500, for that reason the New Pixie Flame is discounted up to 70%
- Diana shape is on sale again.

Stay tuned, many more things are going to return...

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