Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Petite Kingdom Opening and Crystal Hunt

On September the 29th in the year of 2012
You are most cordially invited to attend
The Opening of the new Petites Kingdom

Tall or Small, We Invite You All
To Come Rejoice, and Raise Your Voice.
Dance and Party through the Night
Laugh and Play with Much Delight.
We Open Up our Home to You
And Welcome You With Hearts Most True.

From the hour of 3 in the afternoon 
Until the clock strikes 9 (pm SLT), 
Come and join us for six hours 
Of memorable music, merriment, and magic.

DJ Schedule (all times SLT)
3-5pm DJ Cowgrl Crystal (Rock)
5-7pm DJ Ariana Farstrider (Goth)
7-9pm DJ Xavian Starsider (Disco)

Enchanted Carriage to the Ball

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