Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lagunar Gull

Alia's Log - Stardate ...Very Late.
I went for a break today, a sunny afternoon breathing spring with a scented breeze from the sea. I went for a walk, a drink with a friend, earphones on. During the walk I passed near an archway, a house entrance door, one of those old neoclassical builds we have here and there was a seagull in the corner, he looked quite cool, nice plumage (lovely plumage), vivid eyes, but he was seated down, in the corner of that entrance archway...something wasn't right. I went home and called a few numbers untill a nature guard went to check out and found out someone already helped the poor stuck gull. 
I still don't know what happened to him, but am quite glad that soul got taken care of...even if he will return to shit allover what I own and wake Me up at 5 am in the morning.
Life is full of inspiring coincidences.

If I reincarnate one day, I would like to be a seagull.

And now something that has sense:
Island of Wyrms is holding the annual Spring Festival that will benefit St. Tiggywinkes Animal Hospital in UK. Even if I live quite far from the Brits, I like their animals and ...their dragons too (to not mention their comedy and beer).
This is why I released Draco Laguna, the missing link between Absinthe and Mithril, if you are an appreciator of the Draco Line.... 50% of the profits during the Celtic Dream Festival will go to St.Tiggywinkes, skins will be available normally at the Temple after the event. (Not a special edition)
Hope you enjoy and I thank you in advance for your support towards the charity and yours truly, 

More Information on the Auction Schedule:
Check the attached Notecard in Group notice or at the Festival itself

SLurl to Event Market:

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