Sunday, December 1, 2013


"The two holidays of Halloween and Christmas have always existed in a fantasy world, connected to our world by a magical portal. Every Halloween the portal activates and the gates of Halloween Town open to let little monsters enter our world to knock on doors and fill their sacks full of delicious candy.
Although both holidays never cared for each other, they put aside their differences and lived in harmony. However, something terrible has happened. Santa awoke to find his prized reindeer Rudolph stabbed to death with a banner from Halloween Town planted through his corpse. Clearly this was a declaration of war and an attack on Christmas by Halloween! 

Will you be the Hero of the Holidays or will both holidays be destroyed forever?"

The Holiday Havoc Hunt is here starting today with an opening party and lasting till January 2nd. An awesome adventure by madpea, you know it will be worth the time, thrill and prizes. Breeze as final gift from my side plus a hidden additional gift... somewhere...
Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Zodiac gacha is now available in the Temple

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