Sunday, May 11, 2014

Faire, what else?

It's the last day of the Faire (so not true, still open tomorrow, on monday!), and I am not even sure it yet started. Every year it flies, every year I wonder how we manage to make it and yet.... we do. What's next and what's left then? Live Auction (4-6pm SLT, Palace of Tears), Closing party and....tomorrow's madness, come along, there will be bus rides. I'ts time to get that piece of rust out of the swamp. 

 I also made an interview on the FF website after many years, 
there were things I liked to share, thanks for reading.

LAST but not the LEAST
What is ending?
Palace of Tears Hunt, Part One (sim gifts)
Special edition Petites Availability
Lacrimosa sold for RFL (will be sold regularly at the Temple after)

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