Monday, June 9, 2014


The silence and quiet of moving grass slowly, notes of breeze in the summer afternoon and palms...rooting sands to not fade into the Selidor bay. A slow and moderate change of giving up, not to inner creativity and sharing but to the pressure of events and deadlines. With the beloved FF one past me now I await only the 7th sin: a seventh anniversary already too close. Where did the time go? Flooded with thoughts and emotions of a long journey, inside and outside, of living in the extremes, of giving up, of chosen discomfort to toughen my scales, I embrace this year of rebirth as a shining opportunity for not to be a new beginning, rather a mindful and aware continuation of what was, is and will be. So the summer is here again, my second in this 2014, and I like the smell of air, the taste of sea salt and feel of bleeding hands working the dirt. I like the open horizon of ideas and things to do, because the plate is soon to be clean and I will be free to enslave myself again into the ocean of art.
I'll be here. 



Yman said...

Nice music but where are the dances .....!

Breezy Carver said...

indeed spectacular Music for a most creative mind .. Breathe Alia you so deserve a rest and break but most of all thank you for not forgetting we ...:-) Fair Winds .........xox

Skye Fairywren said...

Gives Alia a couple of bandages for his bleeding hands (yuck!). Thanks for all your hard work, Alia! Looking forward to the next thing - and DO enjoy your summer! <3 ~ Skye (McLeod) Fairywren :-)