Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Martian Chronicles

I was ten years old when for the first time I entered Ray Bradbury's worlds of words, after a young age fed by Verne and Exupery from sci-fi passionate parents , I discovered a special shelf at my stepfather's library: it was the Bradbury Asimov one. I grabbed a handfull of books and started to check the descriptions, but cought in the act, he just gave me a green hardcover copy of the Martian Chronicles and said "Start with this."

That year I read most of Brabdury works and the Asimov foundation cycle, and when at my Father's house I dug into his whole walls of science fiction books (not shelf) and discovered those that will add to Bradbury as my most favourite writers (Herbert, Anderson, Van Vogt, Vance, Sturgeon, Gibson, Dick).
I still, as 26 years ago, never manage to progress in the book fully, a part of me always remains in that flower home, in that beautiful melancholic setting. I remember clearly my first vision of the couple, athletic, slim and naked, the brown golden skin innaturally glistening of a strange reflex, the coin yellow eyes without pupil seeing all and nothing, their 6 slim fingers tracing the book or crystal fruits. I never moved really from that point, even if reading the book a dozen times, because all the rest never resonated so powerfully. The real and only meaningful vision is there at the step of our story, in that intimate homely setting, in that imagination so wonderful, beautiful and majestic, and I believe firmly it was all that Bradbury really wanted to say.
This book is one of my all time favourites, I warmly recommend it for any age, but if you have kids...start early, it will enrich their imagination and soul.

"A Tattered Page"

January 7th - 31st 2015
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Stoif said...

Beautiful post.

Emilly Orr said...

I'd be willing to bet that if you got a green hardcover, it was a Gregg Press edition. Gregg Press did a small but notable line of reprints of classic works, each in their traditional green covers, and some of these editions are now nearly as highly prized as Arkham editions. I remember reading both Bradbury and Marion Zimmer Bradley works in Gregg Press editions.

Alia Baroque (Old) said...

Thanks Stoif, and I wish Emily!
It's actually an Italian edition, I did read mostly in croatian and italian till my 14 of age, then started with english editions too. It is a "Mondadori for Kids" (can you believe that?) print of the Book, april 1979 edition... and I just now realised it was released for my birthday more or less, being march 31 1979. Now that's nice.

Unknown said...

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