Friday, April 24, 2015

Ode to the Sea

Your Journey has started: the Fairelands opened its gates and flooded the grid with wonders of kinds that cannot be measured or counted. Odyssey is one of the 13 lands of the Faire and it welcomes you in its warm seas and tepid stones where to walk barefoot and bask in the sun. The gates are open from April 23 till May 3, so hurry up..don't miss the Magic of the Fantasy Faire 2015.

Everything you need is on:

Odyssey SLurl

Some parts of Odyssey are available for you to take home, Builds are my first release of many for this year, hope you enjoy:

I wish to close this post and invite to the faire with some amazing captures. For me seeing the pictures of the sim I am lucky to have the chance to build is one of the most wonderful parts. Thanks to all the incredible photographers for allowing us memories that can last longer than 10 days.

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