Friday, December 4, 2015

A Touch of Winter

This year's December Round of We Love Roleplay is really rich: features a Hunt, Gifts from under the Trees, New Releases of winter, Yule and beauty. From me you will get new editions of wintery themed skin sets, Pure Ice tone and a Frost Ice rework and tattoos for your hands and feet, Star Touch and Winter Touch. Hope you enjoy,

Ice, Pure and Frost are on sale at the Event
Single skin sets are 30%off, while the special pack of both skins is 40%
Star Touch
10L Hunt Gift at We Love Roleplay
Winter Touch, Hands & Feet
Hands are a gift under the tree at the event, Feet are a gift under the tree at the Temple
Retirement and Updates
Materica Frost and Ice Elves (skins, outfits and full avatars) are permanently retired, if you still enjoy the skins and need mesh body and head appliers I will set them for sale next week at the appliers area.
Ice Crystal Ouftit is retired and under rework, will be sold again with set of appliers included.
Yule Temple Preparations
Helpers are at work.

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