Sunday, May 1, 2016

Building the Eternal

Live Auction, may 1 , 2-4 pm slt
Fantasy Faire, sapphire mirror lake

A Special Composition including the FF Marked Guardians and Anubis Statues  will be on Live Auction Today for one of the biggest closing events of Fantasy Faire.(Separate elements will be available for sale, the uniqueness of this item lays in the composition and FF symbols).

Delta Building Elements
Join the Fallen Gods Inc. or meadowworks Group
for updates about the Build process

The Golden Delta Architecture is made Specifically for the Fantasy Faire sim, the composition and separate elements need a rework and preparation for public sale so I decided to wait and refine the elements to bring you an improved work that can be used each on its own. This Process takes time and focus, both elements I currently lack. Thank you for your interest and passion, keep an eye: the delta will arise again.

Days of the Faire Banner Collection
Sold during the Live Auction for those wishing a memory,

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