Monday, November 14, 2016


Dear Friends, Fallen and Standing,
At the beginning of this month I left for a long pilgrimage to clean my thoughts and heart of the pain and poison that grief can cause. I am already finding solace in tiring my legs and meeting kin souls with whom share the path and wine on those 900 km.

Due to an additional series of unfortunate events I didn't manage to dismantle Halloween at Selidor so... prepare for Jack, the Pumpkin King, to introduce you to this next Christmas and Yule Eve when I shall be back to celebrate with you,

Important notes:
- Sonya will send notices inworld to share my posts and messages, but consider me and my activity on standby untill I am back, even if I can access internet occasionally for emergency.

- IF YOU SEE ME ONLINE it's not me , Missallsunday or Rouge will login with my avatar a couple of times to setup at events I prepared in advance.

- It took me 40 minutes to type this on the phone.

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Ainemari Flanagan said...

Sweet journey full of harmony, With its end in untold testimony, Is what I wish for you. Stay safe on your journey my friend!