Sunday, March 19, 2017


Fantasy Faire 2013 

There is a special kind of Second Life resident, the one that not only creates, but creates worlds. Those rare individuals fathered entire worlds with their imagination and their personal dreams touched our own. I am blessed to have many friends like that, but one right now needs our help so his dreams, worlds and imagination can surround us for more years to come with his serenity. This friend is Elicio and he needs our help to oil the real life engine back to normal functionality, and this is what we'll do.
A few events are now running to help Elicio's family back on their feet, with which you can contribute, but I most of all encourage you to go visit his sim and be a patron of his wonderful creations. The Following are all the ways you can help out fill Elicio's Cauldron:

Fantasy Faire 2016

- Follow and visit Cerridwen's Cauldron: SLurl

- Participate at the shopping spree created by Charlie to help Elicio, start here to get your HUD: SLurl

With the approval of Fallens, purchase the special skins that were granted only to the God & Goddess Contest participants in 2015 and 2016. Those skins are not generally available, so this is a unique exception I decided to make. If you participated to the Contest and already own the skins, flaunt them out and convince your friends to incarnate in an Elicio frendly form.
We will all be grateful to you for any help.

- The Fallen Cauldron Offers: SLurl

A Galaxy of Winners

Whistles in Purple is a new release for Ember's Cauldron Shopping HUD event-

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