Sunday, May 6, 2018

Charming Petites, Carpe Diem and calling it a Faire

About Petites
With two days left to see more than half the Fairelands, with more than a month of non-stop work and little or no sleep, with amazing results and wonderful stolen moments and breaks to make me keep going, finally I am throwing the sponge and calling it a Faire.
I hoped to complete the special Petite Charm this weekend and make it available as a last but not least little symbol of the Faire, but I am simply not able to complete the project properly mostly to a drop in focus and energy after releasing Flow. This is why I am opening pre-orders to the Petite that will be available only the next 48 hours, and then retired till next Fantasy Faire.

Petite Charm Pre-order Informations:
- Both Female and Male pre-orders available
- Sale To Benefit RFL of SL and Fantasy Faire’s 2018 Fundraising Goal
- Pre-Order Available Until Fantasy Faire 2018 disappears into the Mysts on May, 8th.
- The Avatar will be available on Sale again during Fantasy Faire 2019 as Full Donation Item.
- Est. Release Date June, 1st 2018

Slurl to Aetherea

Also do not forgot the special Petites available on sale as every year by tradition at Fantasy Faire, those will be unavailable again until Fantasy Faire 2019.

About Aetherea Builds
Aetherea will re-appear during Second Life Birthday Celebration and also the Relay for Life Weekend track, where I plan to release the builds adapted for also residential use as well with the new designs showcased in July, available in Yang and Yin colour schemes. Aetherea Bench and additional Furniture will be available at the Libertine Showroom after Fantasy Faire.

A personal note
A warm thank you to all the Fallens, Fans, Fairelanders for the amazing support during the creative and work rollercoaster I found myself into this year. Your support and encouragement was pure fuel and helped me get to where I am today: exhausted sure, but very happy that the Faire was a wonderful success for everyone.
Often it's hard to explain the work behind the curtains, and sometimes it's better to keep it this way, Fairelanders shall absorb and enjoy the magic of a World creation that blossoms naturally, all the mechanics behind the stage shall not be seen as not to ruin the experience. It's why whatever happens, the Show must go on.
I am sorry we didn't have the chance to hang out together more as past years, and I am as always closing my Faire with a sense of melancholy I have every year... as preparing a wonderful dinner party where everyone is having a blast and you are stuck in the Kitchen having plates going out, preparing drinks and making sure all the guests are having a blast.
We've all been there, but we also know that at the end of the dinner, the cook will come out, dirty, dressed as crap, get a glass of wine and sit with everyone and have the best part of the whole experience, seeing everyone fed, drunk and smiling.
I hope you had amazing Fantasy Faire 2018 Dinner party and that all of our work was worth it,
I see you the next two days before the Mysts collapse,

I heard there might be a very big party on Monday....

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MistyAnne said...

Hi Alia - I've purchased the Petite pre-order which seems to be a container with a Caspervend object; I'm assuming when the petite Charm will be available some announcement will go out and the object will download Charm once clicked upon. I'm also assuming you'll get drunk and hide away from SL for weeks.

(And yes, two of my middle names ready are Mysti-Anne although I think my mum was drunk at the time; most ppl spell it Misty...)