Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Sartoria Roses Sale

You are invited to Sartoria's Summer and Retirement Sales. Sartoria is a collaboration between Faida and Fallen Gods Inc., the Sale will last for the whole month of July. Please refer to the list below for the various discounts and rose colors, and don't miss the blue roses.Hope you enjoy!

Sartoria Sale, July 1st to 31st

White Roses Tags, 50% off Retirement Sale
The Retirement Sale is meant to give a last chance for people that might fit in Standard Sizes and enjoy the first models of the Sartoria Collaboration. Designs will be retired after the sale.

Red Roses Tags, 20% off Summer Sale
The Summer Sale is here for you to enjoy more recent models of the Sartoria Collaboration. Designs will be sold regularly after the sale.

Find Blue roses for courtesy gifts.

Please always TRY DEMOS
Not only standard sizing demos, but also Specific Mesh body demos as Shapes can influence rigging.

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