Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Fairelands Quest 2022

The Faireland Quest is in full swing, with a wonderful adventure for you that lets you explore through all Fantasy Faire regions and then journey into the Clouded Mountains, a special region all about this year's story. You will collect region gifts as you go through the first part, and at the end 60+ creators prizes. Here's previews of what I created for you, hope you enjoy,

About the Quest
To start the Dreaming Cat Quest you can purchase a Quest HUD from one of the two RFL vendors available, the regular and the deluxe pack including also a set of special outfits. Find the vendors at Opet arrival Plazas, guarded by playfyl cat goddesses.

Fallen Gods Inc. Prize Updater: If you finished the Quest while the gift was not ready yet, you can rez the Updater now for your prize.

Available Vendors

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