Sunday, March 3, 2024

Mystical discounts, events & more

Many events, many discounts, many re-releases, fixes, updates and even gifts. Here's a list of all the events I am currently in and what you can find, hope you enjoy,

If you have doubts about already owning a product be sure to check your redeliveries, all tattoo single color packs now get the full pack redelivery (ex-gachas excluded).

Mystical Market / Fallen Gods Inc., Libertine/ TELEPORT
Re-released and updated: Ascension, Rebirth, Children of Void Tattoos

Wayward Hunt / Fallen Gods Inc./ TELEPORT
Re-released and updated: Ispides face tattoo
For Pictures of Hunt Items please visit the Wayward Events Flickr and/or Facebook.

Fantasy Room / Fallen Gods Inc./ TELEPORT
Re-released and updated: Runeflare Tattoo, Fleurs face tattoos

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