Prophecy Hunt

Prophecy, from the 4th of October till the 31st, is a HUD driven Grid-wide hunt with a rich treasure room at the end. On this page you can find all gift previews, hints and how to play.
As a tribute to the creators and friends participating to the Fallen Gods Inc. 13th Anniversary, the Hunt takes you through regions and stores to explore, with a wish of a fun and interesting journey and satisfactory loot at the end. Good hunting!

The Hunt is proud to feature:
alpha.tribe, Artisan Fantasy, Astalianda, AtaMe, Banana Banshee, Belle Epoque, Bloom! Furniture & Decor, Candle and Cauldron, Cats Claw Designs, [CIRCA] Living, Crocodoggle, [Cubic Cherry], Designs by Isaura, Faida, Fantasy China, Fantavatar & Moonstruck, HarshLands, House of RFyre, ~Jeanette's Joint~, Jinx, Lilith's Den, Little, Big Designs, Lorin's Sound Effects Shack, Mattie Rae's Textures, Mindgardens Creations, Moonley Inc., Morbid Mausoleum, NeverWish, On A Lark, OXIDE, Pacifique Halloween 2020, Peeps, Polenth's Mushporium, Rise Design, Rivendale, Roawenwood, Scarlet Fey, Secrets of Gaia, Shui Mo (Ink Brush), Silvan Moon Designs, Simply Shelby, Solarium, Spyralle, The Stringer Mausoleum, ~*Sweet Revolutions*~, Thus Magic, TOTALLY TINIES and DINKIES, Touryuumon: Maho Sukororu, United InshCon, and Whymsical Marketplace; with the addition of Libertine, Fallen Gods Inc. and Mementos from the Festival.

Created with the expert scripting by:

0) Join Fallen Gods Inc. Official Group (Invite in local chat from Hud giver)
1) Get the Hunt HUD from Fallen Gods Inc. in Selidor, for example here
2) Wear the HUD. Teleport when the map pops up.
3) Find ~PROPHECY~ Eye. Click it. Teleport when the HUD offers it. Find the next eye.
4) After many eyes you'll find yourself in the Prize Room where you'll get ALL THE PRIZES! Yey!

Scroll at the bottom for a more detailed information on how to play and troubleshooting.


0) Join Fallen Gods Inc. Official Group (Invite in local chat from Hud giver. Group is free to join.)
1) Get the Hunt HUD from Fallen Gods Inc. in Selidor, for example here: here
2) Wear the HUD: it offers a map teleport to you, use it.
3) The HUD also gave you a hunt hint in local chat. If you missed it, press the HINT button to get it again.
4) Find ~PROPHECY~ Eye. It looks just like the triangle with eye in the middle on the Hunt Poster and Hunt HUD. Click it, and the HUD congratulates you in local chat and offers you a new teleport. You have to be close enough to the eye for the click to register, in a few locations you might need to fly.
5) Once you have found all the eyes, the HUD will teleport you to the Prize Room where you will get all the prizes! Either click the eye stand in the middle to receive all of them, or go one by one clicking the stands.

Q) I found an eye, but didn't get a gift!
A) That's right. Complete the hunt and you will get all the gifts at the end of the ~Prophecy~ Hunt.

Q) I closed the teleport map by accident, how do I get it up again?
A) Click the HINT button. That will repeat the next hint to you, and if you are not in the right sim, it will pop up the teleport map again.

Q) I forgot what the hint was!
A) Click the HINT button, it will repeat the hint to you.

Q) I found the eye, but clicking it doesn't do anything!
A) Check your local chat. You might be too far from the eye, sometimes you have to fly to be within the reach. Or maybe you did get it, but the map didn't pop up. Press HINT button again to see if it will repeat this location's hint, or give you the next one with a map teleport. Also try right clicking the eye and then choosing 'touch' from the menu. Make sure the item you are clicking is called ~PROPHECY~ Eye, and is not a promotional stand that just looks similar.

Q) I've searched and searched and can't find it! Are there any extra hints?
A) You can ask for help in Fallen Gods Inc. group. Be polite, and also ask for the extra hints to be im-ed to you, to avoid spoilers in the group chat. Fallens are usually very helpful and friendly. You had to join the group to get the HUD, but if you already left it Fallen Gods Inc. group can be joined by copy-pasting this in local chat and then clicking:  secondlife:///app/group/ed1aa2db-9919-01c0-1573-624f32aad180/about

Q) I'm banned from a store on the hunt, am I now stuck?
A) Nope! Contact Sonya Marmurek and she'll help you out so you can still finish the hunt.

Q) I can't go to the next sim because it's Adult rated, am I now stuck?
A) Nope! Contact Sonya Marmurek and she'll help you out so you can still finish the hunt.

Q) I ended up somewhere where there's no stores at all!
A1) There are a couple of hunt locations that are not stores, but sims to explore and enjoy, so it doesn't automatically mean you're not in the right place.
A2) If in doubt, teleport out, for example your own home, and click HINT button again for a fresh teleport to make sure you are where you should be.
A3) Check from the hover text of your HUD what is the store name you're asked to visit. Then click STORES button and choose the same name from there. This will give you a landmark. Use it.
A4) If all of the above leads you to the same place, you are definitely in the right place.

Q) There's a lot of buildings here, which one is the right one?
A) Some stores have other stores nearby. Check your HUD, it says the name of the store you're supposed to go to with a hover-over "Visit <store name>". Make sure you're in the right store: usually the stores have their name on top of their door, but the very least you can see it from their vendors. Sometimes the beacon of the teleport guides you the right way, too.

Q) I want to go back to a store I visited earlier for important shoppings!
A) All the stores have landmarks in the HUD. Click STORES button and find the store you want to visit from the menu, then click it to receive the landmark.

Q) I want to visit the Prize Room again!
A) Keep the Completed HUD. When you want to re-visit the Prize Room, just wear it and click HINT button. There will be local chat text, ending in a SLURL to the Prize Room. Use that to go back.

Q) I'm buried under all these gifts and cannot move!
A) Open them one at a time and remember to caffeinate between loot-sortings!

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LuciƩrnaga Second Life said...

Is it possible to get to the Prize Room if some store took off the item we need to find?
I was kind of late, but I have the HUD and I was stopped at 1/3 of the way..
Thank you.