Thursday, January 19, 2012


Do you believe in fairies?
Imps? Small strange creatures that look exactly as you?
Well I didn't untill I started this join venture with Yabusaka, and the result are petites.
We chose to call them petites, to not limit the idea of those avatars to only fairies but also to any kind of interesting race and character you wish, that finally can be of the right size. To start with and see how the idea is perceived by you, I chose to make 3 starter packs that include also the outfits, you can see each pack specs on those panel pics:
I warmly suggest (so warmly, that it gets hot) that you try the demos provided to see if you own a capable mesh viewer and have no issues in enjoying them, and please read the important note in the demo folder, for mesh troubleshooting and other very important things you must know.
Petites also come with two HUDS, one for tinting your skin as ever you wish, another for many options as: face expressions, alpha hiding of body parts, fullbright, glow and metal, and you get 3 hand poses you can combine for a natural flowing look. All of the 3 tones in each pack include PG body options and 3 makeups.

We hope more creators will join the petite team to make pretty small things for those creatures, but for now I can assure you Mochi from Pink Fuel has her hands on, as Elizabeth from Frippery and Sharni from the Looking Glass, and Cerberus from G-Field made an awesome set of fairy outfits you can arrange with Wasabi Pills Orion rigged mesh hair, adapted specifically for petites, all this to not mention Yabusaka's own full avatar with a special g-field outfit tone included.

Hope you enjoy them as I did working on them.
I will soon work on a fairy trap and cage, if you get too many,

Petites Kingdom at Yabusaka:

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