Sunday, January 8, 2012


The Tao special option lays not much in the skin itself, but more in the tattoo layers that not only can be applied over the skins included in this product, but also over any of your skins. They work best with second generation Fallen Gods skins, but they are versatile to any customization you choose. The idea is to bring a wider range of half skins in the future by first seeing how this idea is perceived with the original Tao tones as first.
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A personal note:
I have no idea from where the tao idea came and why, but I found the whole seams and body bumps screwing it all challenging. Pretty aware is something not for every day use, am figuring out if it actually can become something more of a tao, for your RP uses or else.
Will see.

Half what?

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Leigh Eel said...

the pics look really good. will have to come in and see.