Wednesday, May 13, 2015


"I rise like the sun above olive trees, like the moon above date palms. Where there is light, I shall be. Where there is darkness, there is none of me. I rise like the moon above date palms. I am counted as one among stars.

Beam of light, sun and moon. Shining beast, man and woman. I am passing through. Come outside among the people. I am light. Gaze on me. Moon in darkness, sun in morning. Light is what I will on earth, along the Nile, among the people.

I have traveled through the tomb, dark and lonely ground. I am here now. I have come. I see. In the underworld, I embraced my father. I have burned away his darkness. I am his beloved. I have killed the snake. I have given him meat. I walk in my sleep through earth and heaven.

I have set the sky in two parts. I pass through. I wander the horizons. I have dusted my feet with earth. I have worn the skin of a black panther and chanted into the ears of children. I eat with my mouth. I chew with my jaw. I am a living god come forth. I am with the earth millions of years."

From The Egyptian Book of the Dead
translated by Normandi Ellis

Nekromantika, a gacha game of chance available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event, is composed by:
-11 Commons: Deathcall  Tattoo in different colors
 Each color comes with linear and glowing designs, Body Appliers for Omega, SLink and The Mesh Project, system layers are all mod, everything transfer.
-5 Uncommons: Deathcall Tattoo Marks editions, different designs
Each design comes in 3 colors (black, white and coloured), Body Appliers for Omega, SLink and The Mesh Project, system layers are all mod, everything transfer.
-2x2 Rares: Lord and Lady of the Shadows in Ivory and Coal, Skin sets.
Each skin set comes with Face and Body Appliers for Omega, SLink and The Mesh Project, included also appliers for Lotus Platinum for male skins and Soul uniears for both genders, everything transfer.

Important: Nekromantika is divided in two gacha machines, each contains the same commons and uncommons but different rares which are male OR female.

Hope you enjoy playing with the Dead, 

Demos are coming soon tonight as the Group notice goes live, a notice you shall keep an eye on since am bringing sexy back...

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival SLurl

Using the Fallen Gods Incarnated Group Guidelines:
- Please trades/exchange only
- No selling. 
- No yardsale linking or any slurls.
- Discuss exchanges further in private.
- Gachas are awesome for gifting to folks and friends, but please do not use the group as a free raffle of my sweated work, it doesn't feel good.
Thank you for playing and good luck!

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