Thursday, May 28, 2015

Applier Fixes and Updates

Dear Fallens,
I am currently on the go and not able to login inworld and send a notice so I will ask probably Sonya, Elizabeth or Sharni to send you one with this post and informations. I'll be back next week and see with you all if you still have issues and questions. Here's a series of updates and informations about recent issues and releases:

Nekromantika OMEGA Appliers
I made a mistake concerning hud design that doesn't show you the need to click two sections to pick your tattoo. The appliers you get with the gacha are all functional but need to get clicked in two specific spots. Since the whole set is no transfer and is quite a problem to replace them all, I will simply provide you this guide to click them so the applier works correctly. All future appliers will of course have the new hud design. I apologize for the issue and thank you so much for the patience over my dumbness. Here's a brief about how to make it work:

Ammonite Appliers
I redid the appliers and they just miss TMP, they will be re-sent with the Group next week as I come back.

Justine Update
The Texture change major update is also ready to go, but I was waiting for the release to be sure the texture system wont crash and roll back your sim, since Justine is so full of texture it makes SL scripts go horny. Scheduled update is for end next week plus a bonus included for the missed chance of special textures for World Goth Fair and the needed phantom no physics fix.

Events to not Miss:
World Goth Fair Last weekend for this wonderful event, DJ sets, parties and all the goth you need. Don't miss it out!
The Multicultural Menu
A wonderful event I got very excited and eager to be part of and sadly last weekend had to pull out due to the inability to complete my project. I can't wait to visit it as customer and enjoy the amazing creations all the team is offering, the previews are awesome. It starts June First, so keep an eye!

We Love Roleplay
Participating regularly, starting June 4

Thanks for the patience folks, the Afterfaire got a bit erratic and am trying to keep up with all the matters that need my attention and releases. If you have any questions feel free to send me an offline, I will be able to answer you from my phone. To next week,

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