Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Legacy Continues

The Legacy of Maul skins are out, Coal and Eclipse for both genders. We Love Roleplay is a great chance to test new editions and see how are perceived with an additional discount to tempt a try on. Am continuing the use of the new generation genetics through the merge of an old and still popular tattoo of mine that's openly inspired by Star Wars Lore. The tattoo itself is sitll available but has not yet included any appliers and tends to create a very harsh outline on the skins where the skin edition merges better with the genetic base. I hope you enjoy it and if it goes well will think about more skin tones to come. Visit the event to try a demo and check around for more great creativity by many awesome brands!

We Love Role-Play SLurl
We Love Role-Play Official Website

(Functioning) Appliers Included in each edition:
Each skin set comes with Face and Body Appliers for Omega, SLink and The Mesh Project, included also appliers for Lotus Platinum for male skins and Soul uniears for both genders, everything transfer.

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