Thursday, April 28, 2016

Golden Eternity

Patience is golden, and so can be you.
Gold comes in pure, draco, scales and oceanica (RFL donation), all 30% off till the Faire ends.
Soul markers can be acquired for a small donation to the Faire Gods (10L RFL donation) and if the same Faire Gods will be pleased the possibility to incarnate in the King and Queen of the Delta (Auction Skins).
Eternity comes in small bites, with eternal petites and they include a very special skin option that will be retired after FF, the Godlfish. (Packs are RFL Donation items).

Patience is golden, and so are you, for waiting and supporting me through the perils of perfectionism and lack of sleep. May the Delta bring the touch of golden warmth to you,

All you need to know is here:

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Skye Fairywren said...

Love all of these Golden Eternity skins and appliers, Alia!!!!! Thanks for spending so much time making all the omega body AND head appliers too... You've made me want to be a petite again - as well as a gorgeous golden biggie! :D

Breezy Carver said...

Brilliant and stunning designs as always...You have not lost your touch. to quote Mr Green from years ago " More addicting then crack" Meaning no one can have just one! Thank you kind ,giving ,wise soul Thank you. You give Oden and all the Gods a great big smile as you take such good care of all our dreams. Thank you! Well done! Always with hope and Love Seabreeze

Anonymous said...

I adore these gold skins! I was clinging to an old fave gold skin from pre-mesh body days, which was not going to be updated much to my distress. Then I found this beautiful line at your Fantasy Faire shop and I was hooked. Thank you so much for providing appliers for all your skins! Next on the list, that beautiful Nymph Summer skin, then some of those colorful skins folder is starting to look like a Fallen Gods organizer, lol. Yay!