Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Golden Delta

There's a land in my soul, made of warm sand and turquoise waters. There's a land of deep blue skies, of dry scented smells and fresh nights, and this land haunts me since I visited it as kid. It's a land of roasted coffee beans to chew while the songs of towering night prayers from Minarets color the busy streets. It's a land of taxis stuck in the mud and the towns of dead where the living reside, of trash on roofs and watermelon eating kids with deep eyes. But it's also the land of stone blocks tall as me...of boats for eternal life and sleeping pharaohs in their beds.
My love for the lands of the Nile started when I was young and never left me, it shaped who I am, my imagination, my artistic trials and my desires. Knowledge and passion for mythology comes from the study of Ka, Nut and the primeval mound and the desire to smell the desert is the desire of an open sky and nothing else above me.

So embrace the open and breath the air of a warm land, the Golden Delta Awaits you with her fraternal lands of the Fairelands.

Here is your Feluka.

Courtesy pictures of some of our amazing Photography team: Wildstar Beaumont for the main poster picture, the following from Alisaundra Andel and Caitlin Tobias.
Thank you for bringing me the most beautiful memories of the lands.

Fantasy Faire 2016 The Golden Delta - III 
 And a lovely machinima piece by Caitlin.
  Trailer Fantasy Faire 2016
Much more will come, every day, because there's so much more to Fnatasy Faire.

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