Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday's Fire and glory

Dear Fallens,
Tonight we will crown our 2016 Fallen God and Goddess, at 1 pm slt on Selidor.

Sunday starts with a blast after a 10 hours party with you amazing folks, great music and a wonderful atmosphere where I almost forgot for a few hours the peril I went through those past weeks thanks to you.... and since I couldn't see you all as I wanted, I might for real throw another party next saturday...

Voting will end 20 minutes before 1 pm before so I can gather the final results and celebrate the winner. After we will all join for our annual bay tubbing and Fireworks show, bring your monokini!
Since I couldn't fetch my laptop still, and am returning home tomorrow to my desktop and exploded internet connection, tonight I am self-invited to Missy's and Rouge home where I will be provided with a fancy computer, sushi and an impressive database (also they will be able to see my IMS so keep your pervs in check, yes am talking to you David)
I hope to see you all later tonight!

I also wish to write a special thanks here to my bunny Sonya, my non bunnies Haveit, David, Rouge & Missy, Aine, Elayne, Lainey, Elizabeth, G Winz and Hazard for making the party such a success and allowing it to go smooth even if I wasn't unable to mostly do anything: having friends as you allow me to trust whatever happens there will be always a way out.

Here's some pictures that Sonya, Sam and Ame gathered at the Party, let them shower if you have more so I can see!

Lady Dragonfly & The Architect Time Lord Cyberbun & The Architect Gummibun & Clover Fallen Gods 9th Anniversary Dance - Craziest Avatars! Fallen Gods - 2016

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