Sunday, October 2, 2016


You are kindly Invited to celebrate Fallen Gods Inc. 9th Anniversary. The Festivities started with the Fortune Teller arrival, the Festival Market and the "Sunrise of Creation" Hunt. By tradition The Fortune Teller signs a new taste and feel of what will come and is the first to step in allowing everyone to get a free Fallen look and even participate to the Contest which is still open for entries. Join us for a month of celebration where this is just a start: enjoy the sun of Selidor, it's soft grass, fresh scented breeze and many voices that populate its grounds during the Festival.
I hope you'll enjoy,

Vanitas are full avatars available in "The Fortune Teller" Game where two avatars are required to play and try their match,  if it's 100% both win the Prize. SLurl to Fallen Gods Inc. 
Coming soon the Hunt and Market preview posts.

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