Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Wacky Sky Wars

Today we host the infamous Warbugs with their warfaring ways and sky assault skills. Join us for 3 hours of Sky wars, Wacky Races, Ace of Skies, Cats & Dogs living together, Mass hysteria! Take the chance on winning four 1000L$ Fallen Gods Inc./Libertine Gift Cards, enjoy Doob's Music or simply observe in a posh way commenting our lack of aim. Today, at 1 pm slt, hope to see you there!

9/10 Monday
1-2 pm -  Warbugs: Sky Wars, First Round with DJ Doob
3-4 pm -  Warbugs: Sky Wars, Second Round with DJ Doob
Join us for two sessions of one hour each of Warbug flying battles and win Gift Cards by simply looking as the best Flying Ace in Second Life History or by Piloting Skills. Resident Dj Doob!

Check the main event page for a detailed schedule and list of activities:

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