Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Decennial Market and a Darker shade of Chronos

The Temple's roof Garden once a year becomes home to many artists: this year more than 70 creators showcase their imagination and talent and I am a proud and honoured to host and feature them on Fallen Gods grounds. 
Almost a week into the Celebration and the Temple is vibrant under traffic never seen before, pleasantly surprised by the 40k+ traffic and affluence, I know a big reason for this are the wonderful creations present at the Market. From new releases, to feature displays, to even gifts by generous artists, I hope you will enjoy the display as much as I do and bask in the Selidor sunset with new and old friends.

TELEPORT: Slurl to the Decennial Market and Roof Garden

For previews of the Market visit Seraphim, a great website for all Events in Second Life. We are lucky to be covered by the staff which took pictures of the new releases in the market.
The list is not complete due to a few late setups, but that's a great reason to come and visit the market first hand.

PREVIEWS: Visit Seraphim website

Fallen Gods Inc 10th Anniversary Market and Hunt are honoured to feature:
Abstract Soul - {Acios} - Aii The Ugly & Beautiful - Air -.AiShA. - alpha.tribe - Ankle Biter - .Arcadia. - Arcanum - Artisan Fantasy - Astalianda - Atelier Visconti - Balderdash - Bare Rose - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Belle Epoque - Black Tulip - Boudoir - Building Daydreams - Wolf & Raven - :::c*C*c::: - Candle and Cauldron - Clockwork Koala - [Cubic Cherry] - !dM deviousMind - E.V.E - Faida - FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK - Frippery - Ippos Collective - Lacrime dell'anima - lassitude & ennui - *Independent Objects* -  Libertine - Lilith's Den - Little, Big Designs - Lorin's Sound Effects Shack - MacMoragh an Gabha - MadPea - Mindgardens Creations - Misschevious  - ~Mythril~ Animations - On A Lark - OXIDE - Polenth's Mushporium - Poliak's Emporium - Rivendale - Roawenwood - Satyr's Moon - Schadenfreude - Secrets of Gaia - Senzafine &  Astrae Cosmetics - Silvan Moon Designs - Simply Shelby - Solarium - Spyralle - Story Collectors - The Jolly Tinker - ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ - The Looking Glass - Titans - TOTALLY TINIES - United InshCon - Unrepentant - Velvet Whip - Venge - Verdigris - W-ZERO - Wasabi Pills - Yabusaka

And last and definitely the least: a darker shade of Chronos is released now at the Decennial Market. If your taste is less Golden and more Silver, or if you have no patience in fortune readings, you can purchase Chronos Coal Silver as normal creation and part of the integrated products related to Chronos ( Discovery Gacha, Silver skins and Chronos Fortunes).
Hope you enjoy!

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