Saturday, June 23, 2018

New Events, Laboratories, Sailing and Second Life love

I am writing to you from a Bar, Café Pizzeria on an Island in Dalmacija, before Germany vs. Sweden starts (and now ongoing as am checking this post), will be sailing this week and home only the first days of July. Real Life has been wonderfully busy, including my new Painting laboratory/studio creation, and life, in general, was a game of catch up since I came back home in Croatia after Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia this winter. With Fantasy Faire taking a huge toll on my work rhythm and the issues Aetherea had added a constant week late on my schedule that became a month, finding myself constantly running behind, almost till now.
This post is to let you know about all the things I did and am participating in and trying to send a decent notice in the evening or weekends and failing, so you get a nice big bulk of information and updates in just one post. I wish to thank you for your support, enthusiasm and patronage and look forward on being around more this summer without deadlines until the 11 Anniversary preparations. Yours,

Events I missed to let you know about and upcoming

We love Roleplay June / June 4 - 30
Legacy of Maul tattoo is back, with more variations to integrate also the skin line. If you already own the old format in only system layer please do know that a new update is coming to viewers that will allow you to use it again on mesh bodies without the need to repurchase the product. (New crop versions will not available for sale separately) -  Also be aware that perfect seam integration of tattoo layers depends fully on the mesh body and head creations and seam accuracy, so be sure to try demos.
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A Midsummer Enchantment / June 15 - 30
A wonderful atmospheric summer event with a discount, new releases and Feature of the Leo set. There's also a Hunt and lovely landscaped areas.
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Official website

Petites Charms Release/Update / Coming July
Almost done but not yet, the new Petites can't wait to be yours as I truly look forward to send them to you but due to RL and other pressing deadlines I couldn't yet give them priority, thank you so much for your understanding and look forward on sharing them with you soon in July.

SLB15 - Aetherea, Nothing & Everything / June 17 -24
Aetherea's temple of thought, available to visit still this weekend as soon the SLB Celebration will be over. Hope you enjoy-
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Previous Blog Post
Official Website

Uber / June 25 -  July 23
Participating as Guest and Wasabi Pill's Friend, the event will open this week and feature a collaboration with Faida with a new summer dress.
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Official Website

Epiphany / July 14 - August 14
Coming soon in July with a Faida collaboration.

RFL Weekend, Full region Build /  July 14 - 15
A new Aethereal world, a full region to explore and enjoy.

ROMP / August
The August Round will Feature Libertine in full summery perversion.

Fallen Gods Inc. 11 Anniversary / October 1-31
Coming in October: Fortunes, Events, Parties, Market, Hunt, Live Music and more. (Including Noobcon)

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Breezy Carver said...

WOW !!!!!! I must admit my real life days seem tight full in the summer months but I must admit I get lost in second life in my nights...... But you Dear Alia are a true reality check of a most active creative Master ...Stay Safe Be well your creative as always is a high light and I so look forward to each of your wonders of your own imagination that you bring to life so beautifully for all of us :) I am both a most loyal fan and a humble old friend from a far :) Faire Winds and Gentle Seas ......Stay well ...With many Thank Yous. ....
Always with Love and Hugs...... Breezy :)