Monday, June 18, 2018

Aetherea, Nothing & Everything

Second Life is 15 years old: thriving and full of communities, creativity and enthusiasm as when it was born, Residents and Lindens are ready to celebrate a new world of opportunities that each year brings so much to all of us. Hope you enjoy my contribution to the celebration,

About Aetherea, Nothing & Everything
Day and Night; Sound and Silence; Growth and Decay; Joy and Sadness; Resident and Linden. All what we are and what we are not and its opposite: Aetherea's Nothing and Everything.
Two directions of thoughts, meditate towards the soothing darkness of our inner world or the glorious peak in the light the outer world. A Temple of Thought from me to you.

Slurl to the SLB Temple
SLB15 Website

SL15B Aetherea Veni - Enter Versum
SL15B Aetherea Veni - Forever Faire
SL15B Aetherea Versum - Tao
SL15B Aetherea Versum - Inscriptions
SL15B Aetherea Versum
SL15B Aetherea Veni

Some previews thanks to Sonya 

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