Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Draugrs, from the darkness, appeared in silence, spreading from event to event, from location to location, from incarnation to you. Draugrs are creatures of mysterious nature, calling for old pagan rituals, customs, and memories long gone, and are here for you to become one.
A new skin line, Draugrs are now at multiple events and many styles and colors. I hope you'll enjoy a touch of Darkness this year for this October of Anniversary and Hallow Eve, 

You can find them at:
Samhain, October 10 - November 2, Teleport
Draugr, Black Pearl

Hallow Manor, October 16 - November 1, Teleport
Draugr, Black Fire and Black Blood, plus a Special Quest Prize: Draco outfits.

LOGO 15th Anniversary, October 23 - November 6 , Teleport
Draco Draugr, Black Pearl

Halloween Sales, October 22 - November 4, Teleport
Draugr Black Coal, plus a special Gift: Freyr Face tattoo

Fallen Gods Inc. Halloween Season at the Temple, October 27 - November 8 , Teleport
Draugr Black Moss, and many fun spooky activities. Jump to post and previews

Also, don't forget the Other Halloween themed Events Currently ongoing:
Trick or Treat Lane / Jump to post and previews
Shop and Hop, HalloweenJump to post and previews
The Liaison Collaborative / Jump to post and previews

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