Thursday, October 15, 2020

Song of the Elements


The Night Theater presents... 
Song of the Elements
The Night Theater proudly presents this year's contribution to the Fallen Gods Inc. anniversary celebration: Song of the Elements. A brand new dance and music production in six acts created just for the occasion. I hope you will enjoy this little tale inspired by Fallen Gods Inc. creations.
Friday, 16 October - 12pm slt 
Friday, 23 October - 12pm slt

About the Night Theater
[05:22] Aelva: its like magic n stuffs
[05:22] Aelva: that ok?
[05:23] Alia Baroque: I need more words
[05:23] Alia Baroque: give me something official
[05:23] Aelva: Annual dosage of Sparkly wigglybums galore, just what the doctor ordered for Fallen Gods and friends...
[05:23] Aelva: better?

Dear Fallen, 
You're invited to join us for the Festival events starting this week, starting with the Premiere of "Song of the Elements" by the Night Theater this Friday, followed by this Saturday's 12 hours long Anniversary party with contests and themes, to continue with a theatre encore, Noobcon on Saturday 24 and the ending with Fireworks and bay tubin' Sunday 25. 
And don't worry... Halloween will arrive at the Temple on the 26....
Hope you can make it and I see you there,

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