Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Valhalla's Memorial, a generic version, is the region prize for this year's Quest. The original is dedicated to Fenn MacMoragh. There will be a memorial tribal dance dedicated to our friend this Thor's day, May 6, at 6pm slt on Valhalla with music by Dj Haz and the presence of friends and whoever wishes to come, am sure Fenn will like that.
Memorial Dance - Thor's Day May 6, 6pm slt - Valhalla

About this year's Quest
Join this year's Faireland's Quest: Get your Hud at the Faire and begin the Adventure! This year's prizes from me include the Valhalla Memorial, Valhalla Libertine Egg and Orthae tattoo in metals. Hope you enjoy,

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Breezy Carver said...

Wow Just Wow Mere words Just don’t capture The Beauty and True thoughts of warmth ,Care and Kindness You put into each of your creatives. Please know it shows ten fold. Sudden Real Life is keeping me from The outstanding Faire Beauty this year . Let’s just say it’s a real struggle of one’s heart sometimes and leave it at that . I hope I can make this function . Only Time with tell. Alway Seabreeze