Thank you in advance for reading and enjoy your stay at the Arcipelagus. My best regards, 
Alia Baroque
Owner and creator of Fallen Gods Inc., Libertine and the Arcipelagus

If you cannot find the answer to your question in this FAQ, please im/notecard Sonya MarmurekPlease contact Alia Baroque ONLY for Marketplace redeliveries, store redeliveries can be prompted through vendors or terminals.
(Updated 21/02/2017)

- About Shopping, Vendors and keeping updated
- About Refunds, mistakes and missed deliveries
- About Appliers
- About Customs, collaborations and ideas
- About Petites
- About Libertine
- About Builds
- About Regions, the Arcipelagus and the people
- About Events, Markets and Bloggers

About Help Pages
Dear Patron, if you are reading this you are already part of the 99% of nice customers I am blessed to have, but please understand that the reason why sometimes some answers might sound very sharp it's because there's always 1% to which those replies were already used often in the past 10 years I run a creative brand in Second Life. I Apologize if it hurts your intelligence and it was probably not meant for you.

About Shopping, Vendors and keeping updated

Q: How do your vendors work? In some vendors there's a big picture in the middle, but I want the skin on the side: how can I buy that?
A: Scrollable Casper vendors work so that you always buy whatever is in the middle, the big picture. If you left click any of the small pictures on the side, they will become the big picture in the center and you can buy them then. Note that clicking the vendor will bring out a menu with options for info, gifting and pay. These provide you information about the currently selected product, allow you to purchase the item as a gift for someone else, or pay to purchase it for yourself. For more specific information on the Caspervend system, see their wiki:

Q: How do I keep updated on your creations? Can you IM me for a release?
A: It's easier for me to update people about my new releases through channels as the Official group, subscriber, the blog or online communities as flickr, twitter, plurk. You can find group and subscriber joiners and links to online communities at the Info Desk and Books in the temple or on my profile.

Q: Do you have gift cards?
A: Yes, there are gift cards available at the main info desk and welcome stand. Also all of my vendors allow gifting, as do the products I have on marketplace.

Q: One of your creations I saw/love/own is currently retired/has-no-appliers, can I contact you?
A: NO. 
Please consider that I am aware of the long process of updating the hundreds of creations I have in stock, how appliers are made and how much time I have at disposal in my life, together with my own plans, interests and priorities; contacting me won't change my schedule, priorities and time allocated for those matters. 
Be aware I appreciate deeply your long time support but insisting on contacting me hoping that tattoo/skin you love will be done faster will actually achieve the opposite: take from me precious time that can be used to actually get work done. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Q: Hi, can I have a Landmark to your store?

A: You must be kidding me...

About Refunds, mistakes and missed deliveries

Q: I purchased your product Inworld and it didn't get delivered, what shall I do?
A: You can have the product redelivered by either using the Redelivery button on the entrance books, or simply clicking on any of the vendor panels in the temple. All of them are CasperVend and can therefore be used to redeliver anything you have purchased from me earlier. If the product is gacha that is not delivering, contact me straight with transaction information or gyazo or such proof of your purchases and what the gacha was supposed to deliver to you.

Q: I purchased your product on Marketplace and it didn't get delivered, what shall I do?

A: Please send me, Alia Baroque, a Notecard, backed up by an Instant Message with your transaction details, name and not later than a week after the issue happened.

Q: I purchased the same identical product twice with the same avatar, may I have a refund?
A: Yes of course. I accept refund requests up to a week after the double purchase happens, please send a notecard with both transaction details to Alia Baroque. The sooner you contact me, the better.

Q: I purchased your skin with my alt, may I get it on this avatar too?
A: No, am sorry.

Q: I bought something from you and now I actually think I like another version more, may I return it to you and get the other one?
A: No, am sorry. All my creations are no transfer.
Q: But if I promise I will delete it?
A: No, am sorry. Please try demos before a purchase and if having doubts or concerns contact Sonya Marmurek for more information before your purchase.

Q: I bought your creation and it was a mistake because ->insert any reason here<-, may I have a refund?
A: I am sorry, no. Please do consider all purchases are final, try demos which resemble perfectly the final product and if having any doubts contact Sonya Marmurek prior to your purchase. If your cat, baby or pink flamingo stood on your keyboard it's warmly suggested you keep them safely off when entering a store, so they do not make purchases for you by accident.

Q: I played your gacha and would like to have the items with copy-permissions, will you change them?
A: No, am sorry. No permission changes for gacha items.

Q: /me emotes something very kinky and sexual, offering more amazing performances
A: Not working really but hey, thanks! (please don't contact Sonya with this modality, I fear might work afterall...)

About Appliers

Q: Which appliers do your female skins have?
A: All current skin sets include Omega and Slink appliers for body and head, Slink natural nails and Soul Ear appliers. 
Some older editions Include TheMeshProject appliers, but TMP is currently discontinued untill further notice and unavailable.

Q: Which appliers do your male skins have?
A: All current skin sets include Omega and Slink appliers for body and head, Slink natural nails and Soul Ear appliers. Male skins include Midnight Lotus Platinum genitals applier. Some older editions Include TheMeshProject appliers, but TMP is currently discontinued untill further notice and unavailable. PLEASE NOTICE that male appliers have an issue concerning the displacement of the nipple area on male mesh bodies due to TMP uv map change.

Q: What appliers do your tattoos have?
A: All tattoos include Omega body appliers, Slink supports fully Omega so no additional SLink applier is provided. Omega Head tattoo appliers are currently getting shipped and included as Update process, so please refer to panels to see if the Update is currently live or still needs to happen. 
TheMeshProject, TMP,  is included in some editions so please carefully check each vendor for the logos and list of supported appliers; PLEASE NOTICE that TMP doesn't support a full head texture coverage so head/face tattoos are rarely actualized and thus not provided.

Q: Where is <older skin that is not in the store>? Does it have appliers?
A: I have temporarily retired all the skins and tattoos that do not have appliers. If you cannot find it in the store, it is not currently available nor does it have appliers.

Q: Will you make appliers for the temporarily retired skins/tattoos?
A: In time, very likely. All the retired tattoos and face tattoos will be released again with appliers. Skins might receive a full rework instead of just appliers, depends on the skin.

Q: Why make new skins from old themes instead of just appliers?
A: A lot of my stock is 8-10 years old. The quality of my current skins is much higher in resolution and detail and I don't feel like going backwards in time by re-releasing my old work as it was with appliers.

Q: When are you going to make appliers for <skin/tattoo>?

A: There is no priority list or order of action. No guarantees or timelines.
Q: If I ask you to make appliers for <skin/tattoo> every day in an IM, will you make them faster?
A: No, am sorry. It will only eat away my working time that I could use for making appliers.
Q: Is there a request list or voting poll about which appliers you should make next?
A: No, am sorry. No request lists.

Q: Are you going to make any other appliers?
A: I am developing appliers for Aeros; I'm also planning on making appliers for Niramyth's Aesthetic, but that is a long process since they use completely different uv-maps, so skins must be made from scratch just for those bodies.

About Customs, collaborations and ideas

Q: Do you accept custom works, commissions?
A: No, am sorry.
Q: I will pay you gazillions of euros?
A: No, am sorry.
Q: You can resell it after, it's really a cool idea?
A: No, am sorry.

Q: I have this really nice idea, would you like to hear it?
A: Sure, send me a note. But please also consider the following things: I probably have already dozens of projects I am on and am slowly completing; I also never recreate copyrighted material, I might get inspired by a lot of things but try to interpretate in my own ways.

Q: Do you use templates for your work?
A:  I do not use any skin templates, my skins, tattoos and body layers are 100% unique and original. If something looks as my work, it probably is. If you see others selling something like that, please contact me, thanks in advance. I do use quality/legit mesh templates for builds, furniture and outfits (Not including collaborations with Faida, those are original mesh.)

Q: I have an attachment/accessory that is not matching your skin, will you texture it, I would also pay you?
A: Due to an infinite number of accessories creators and a very large request over the topic I can't accept this request anymore.

Q: I have an attachment/accessory that is not matching your skin, can I have RGB values?
A: Of course, but there's also a firestorm feature now that allows you picking RBG values yourself. If that doesn't work, send a note to Alia Baroque with the point of attachment and skin name and I will pass the RGB values to you.

Q: I am a creator, and created this accessory, would you create custom textures to match your skins?
A: I might, but so far all of my collaborations on that field are covered with other creators already, so I wouldn't get the time for it very soon.

Q: May I have one particular texture you made? (skins, builds, etc)
A: No, am sorry. (See additional copyright statement below)

Q: I hate you, I want you to do this for me.
A: I love you, but I can't cope.

About Petites

Q: How does a petite avatar work?

A: The easiest way to see and understand it is to try it out. Get a free demo and follow the instructions on the notecard, then try the HUD with all the skin colours and sets on it.

Q: Can I have your petite modifiable so I can change my skin?
A: No, am sorry. Yabusaka's petites are modifiable, and work with omega. If you want to modify your petite, you are better off with those. My petites are sold as full avatars with a different texturing system and are no-modify.

Q: Will there be Bento Petites?
A: Yes, we are planning to update also Fallen Petites to Bento.
Q: When when when?
A: There is no timeframe or guaranteed dates on this yet.

Q: Why are my legs missing?

A: You are most likely wearing legs that have HC marking. That means 'hooves cut' and the lower legs and feet are missing on purpose so your petite can wear hooves instead. If you want to see your feet, wear a version that does not have HC marking on it.

Q: Are you selling the outfits separately?
A: No, am sorry. Outfits are a part of the petite, each petite a unique, complete creation.

Q: Why are my face/head/hands a different colour than the rest of my body?

A: You probably used the Petites Base HUD and tinted one of the body parts, or set full bright or metal/shiny enabled. Wear the HUD again and make sure that all your body parts are set the way you want.

Q: I look all stretched and monstrous, how do I fix this?

A: It's a SL bug, relogging should get you back to your normal petite self.

Q: I've seen a petite of yours that I want, but can't find it in the store. Are they all here?

A: Doves, Anima and Spirit Dryad Petites are available only during Fantasy Faire in April.

Q: Where can I get templates to make Petite clothing?
A: There's free full perm templates available in the Petite Kingdom:

Q: I want to create more than that. How do I get the Developer's Kit for Petites?

A: If you want to just make your own skin, Yabusaka's Petite is modifiable and can be Omega enabled. If you want to make skins for sale: Petite Dev Kits are not currently open for applications.

Q: I want to make mesh clothing for Petites. How do I get the rigging model?

A: Contact Yabusaka and ask him, but keep in mind that the rigging models are not given automatically on request. The applicant should have a store that exists at least for a year and makes original mesh. Models are given out by Yabusaka's discretion.

Q: Where can I get hair for my Petite?
A: Mesh hair has to be either rigged especially for Petites, or to be unrigged and modifiable so you can scale it down yourself. For example Wasabi Pills sells a lot of hair made for Petites.
Wasabi Pills:

Q: Where can I get more clothes for my Petite?

A: Check the Petites Kingdom!

Q: I want to rent a store at the Petites Kingdom
A: Please contact Elizabeth Tinsley.

About Libertine

Q: Can I have Libertine furniture with modify rights?
A: No, am sorry.
Q: But I own a sim, a club, a roleplay group and it would be really good publicity for you?
A: No, am sorry.
Q: But I want it darker, lighter, and with a picture of my dog on it?
A: No, am sorry.

Q: Can I have Libertine furniture for discounted price for <reasons>?
A: No, am sorry.

Q: Can I get the animations without the furniture?
A: No, am sorry.

Q: I don't understand how the furniture works?
A: Each purchase comes with a detailed notecard explaining everything and a fancy picture with a fast coverage of where to sit, full perm, so you can share it with your partners in crime. If you still have problems, contact Sonya Marmurek.

Q: Can I test the animations in the furniture before purchasing?

A: Yes, you can test them in the Libertine Showroom, but keep your clothes on when testing. If you want to try the animations naked and arrange an imprompty orgy, please use the Adult Showroom in Zindra instead.
Adult Playground for Imprompty Orgies:

Q: The Egg gacha does not have the first four eggs in it. How can I get them?
A: The first four eggs by number were never a part of the gacha. They are available only for very special and specific occasions. They are mementos, tokens of appreciation, created for themed events. They are not permanently retired and might possibly resurface for example at RFL events like Home and Garden Expo and Fantasy Faire.

For a larger Introduction about Libertine please refer to this page:

About Builds

Q: I saw your Build at Fantasy Faire/Home & Garden Expo/ Your sims, do you sell them?

A: I try to prepare those builds for sale, then get stuck in other things. I hope to have them ready to share one day, for now: I do have a few I am selling at the Libertine & Builds Showroom here:

About Regions, the Arcipelagus and the people

Q: May I take pictures or make videos at your sims?

A: Yes of course, I am honoured if you wish to do so. Feel free to send me a link to the pictures or videos after, I would love to see them. You can also add the pictures or videos you take on Arcipelagus to my flickr group.

Q: I saw this build on your sim, will you sell it to me?
A: If I didn't place it for sale already probably I don't mean to ever, reason can be because I wish to keep it unique on the grid or because it doesn't feel complete enough still for sale.

Q: Do you build sims on commission?
A: No, I am sorry.

Q: I want to live on your sims, may I?
A: The sims are open to anyone anytime, if you can tolerate the lack of permanent rezzing and feel already at home, please do so, you honor me and what I created.

Q: Do you rent your houses in the lost town?
A: I don't mainly because this way all can enjoy them and feel at home there.

Q: Is there any RP/Roleplay going on at the sims, may I roleplay there with my friends?
A: There is not a pre-made roleplay system at the sims, but anyone is free to roleplay and have RP sessions with their friends as long as not imposing on other visitors.

Q: There's an idiot griefing me at your sims, what shall I do?
A: Try to contact the person and just ask them to stop, if that doesn't work contact me or Sonya Marmurek as soon as possible, or ask in the Fallen Gods group if any of my friends with estate powers is online.

Q: What do you consider griefing?
A: Pushers, deformers, particle spammers, overall impolite behaviour that disrupts the peace of sims.

Q: What shall I do with people using bloodlines or testing magical huds and weapons?
A: I am not fond of bloodlines so request them to not use them on my sims, as for weapon and magic huds testing I also request to test elsewhere, since the Arcipelagus is a safezone for all people that wish a quiet stay. If the person persists, please contact me or Sonya Marmurek.

Q: Do you accept nudity on your sims?

A: Yes I do, not only because a skinmaker and all of my sims are mature, but also because I believe in the beauty and normality of nude bodies, virtual or not. What I do ask is people not imposing their nudity, harassing others and avoiding explicit intercourses or animations just out of respect to other people. 
I discourage nudity in my store though out of respect to other customers, erections are not tollerated allover the sim. (Keep the tiger off-guard)

Q: Can people have sex on your sims?
A: Yes and No: animated sex is not allowed. In IM people can do whatever they want, and tasteful, natural nudity might be fine, but it is against TOS to have animated sex in a Mature sim. If you wish to test the animations of the Libertine furniture, please keep your clothes on. If you want to test them naked, please go to Libertine's adult showroom located in Zindra.
Adult Playground for Imprompty Orgies:

Q: There are furries, nekos, vampires, goreans, lifestylers, petites, orbs, car avatars, demons, kid avatars, mermaids, aliens, mutants, witches, *anyreasonIdon'tlikethisavatar* on your sim and I don't like that, would you make them leave?
A: If they are behaving respectfully, under LL TOS and not disturbing anyone, just enjoying their time at the Arcipelagus, I don't see any valid reason I should.

About Events, Markets and Bloggers

Q: Do you rent in RP sims markets?
A: I don't rent at any market, but I do visit each offer and try to support roleplay communities if I like the sim and idea. Please send a notecard with a brief explanation and landmark to Sonya Marmurek, she gathers and organizes my correspondence so I can go through them at even intervals and in good time.

Q: Do you rent in malls and clubs?
A: No, I am sorry.

Q: Do you participate in Hunts?
Q: Do you sponsor events?
Q: Do you sponsor fashion shows?
Q: Do you sponsor roleplay events, tournaments?
A: Depends, if I find the topic interesting (which can also be something different from my usual creations) and how I can manage with my schedule. Please send Sonya Marmurek a notecard a with a brief explanation and deadline, she gathers and organizes my correspondence so I can go through them at even intervals and in good time.

Q: Do you have affiliate vendors?
A: No, and so far don't plan to am sorry.

Q: I am a blogger, may I have review copies?
A: I always look forward to enriching my bloggers group and appreciate a lot if you consider my creations. I do ask though that you meet the following requirements to be considered: your blog is at least 6 months old, alive and updated on a regular basis. You should also have a Flickr account and add any pictures you take with my creations to Fallen Gods Inc. flickr group - Creative imagery and wording is of course a plus as having previously blogged my creations. I look forward to your interpretations of my work but please understand that just as you must enjoy what you blog, I want to enjoy the way you blog my creations as well. I think this is a fair considersation for both of us. To apply please contact Sonya Marmurek: send her a notecard with a brief presentation, a link to your blog and what you enjoy about my work. Sonya gathers and organizes the applications so I can go through them at even intervals and in good time.

All creations by Fallen Gods Inc. brand are copyrighted and property of
the Second Life Avatar Alia Baroque and the relative owner and creator
of that avatar account. Stealing textures, builds (so including any avatar
appareance and any inworld build created by Alia Baroque and/or under
the brand Fallen Gods Inc.) will be persecuted legally under the DMCA
(digital Millenium Copyright Act) and also will be reported to Linden Labs as abuse.
Fallen Gods Inc. Creations are made by Alia Baroque ONLY, user alia.baroque.
Collaborative projects with other brands carry the participants Name and Brand.

Congratulations you made it till the end, I Applaud you oh awesome Patron! Here's a gift for you, your own secret Room of Doom:

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